May 19, 2006


Imagine a country with frequent public executions for moral crimes. Where everybody has to, by law, wear a uniform. A country where certain religious groups, Jews, have to wear special badges. A country that is trying to get nuclear weapons, and has pledged to wipe one of it's neighbours off the map. A nightmare isn't it? Couldn't possibly happen? It is all happening, in Iran.


I'll put this here as well as on Mat's blog. I was feed a line (along with what seems like most of the internet), the requirement to wear a badges denoting religion seems to have been a hoax. My bad.


Blogger MatGB said...


The uniform/wear a star thing is fake.

No substantiations found as yet.

8:14 pm  
Blogger tomdg said...

Peronally I don't think any country or individual should be allowed any kind of armaments, but I know I'm in a bit of a minority on this one - and maybe the world isn't quite ready for that yet.

In the meanwhile, supposing you live in a country where there is a fear of invasion from a much larger and more powerful aggressor. Wouldn't you want to defend yourself the best way possible?

Sure, Iran's a terrible place. I agree with your condemnation of the death penalty, something no truly civilised society could contemplate; and I think that it's appalling that any country should be unable to accept its neighbours' right to independent existence and their own way of life.

There's no doubt, though, that Iran is dangerous. You can see that from their foreign policy - they invaded Iraq.

So what do you suggest we do about it? Nuke them? Enforce our (more libieral and obivously superior) values on them?

Bush and Blair are currently trying to drum up public support for a an invasion of Iran. Let's not be their tools. Sure, there's a lot wrong with the place, but a war isn't the answer.

1:41 pm  

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